Sarah Hanawald

Sarah Hanawald is the Dean of Academic affairs at Cannon School in Concord, NC (just outside Charlotte).  Cannon has been a 1:1 school for nearly ten years.  As Dean of Academic Affairs, Sarah oversees professional growth and evaluation for faculty.  Previously, she was at Greensboro Day School, a nationally known TK-12 school in Greensboro, NC . Her roles at Greensboro Day include Laptop Program Director, Teaching Coach, Technology Coordinator and Learning Resource Teacher. In 2000, as Laptop Program Director, Sarah led Greensboro Day School’s launch of a 1:1 initiative in grades 6-12 that has matured into an academic culture that encourages the thoughtful use of technology throughout the curriculum. As Laptop Program Director, Sarah oversaw all aspects of the program including model selection, vendor negotiations, Help Desk operations, classroom use of laptops, and school-wide technology policies. Sarah’s current specialties are helping educators leverage social media for their professional growth, assisting technology integrationists develop plans for working with faculty at varying levels of technology use, assisting teachers in developing a team approach to teaching with technology, and using technology to support differentiated instruction.
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