Google/CDWG and 150 School Districts

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Google/CDWG and 150 School Districts

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Chromebook Pilots

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Districts With 2,000 to 40,000 Students

About the Project

Google and CDWG recognize that any successful technology program requires more than just technology.  Schools need technical support.  Teachers need professional development. Projects need coordination. Google and CDWG came to Educational Collaborators to get schools what they needed to be successful.


CDWG brought together their myriad partners to create a comprehensive Chromebook Pilot project for schools.  The bundle included a secured cart of 30 Chromebooks, a wireless access point, wireless printer and web security software.  EC pulled it all together by providing project coordination for all 150 schools.  Our deployment experts helped schools get their Google Apps for Education domain set-up.  Three teachers from each school participated in our Google Tools for Educators online course.


This pilot project gave schools a taste of the many items schools must think about to make a project successful.  Educational Collaborators, and our suite of partners, provided schools everything they needed to succeed, while helping schools help themselves along the way.  This project gave us not one, but 150 fine examples of how to think comprehensively about school technology projects to ensure success.