Pamela Livingston

Pamela Livingston has spent the past eighteen years supporting technology in schools. The author of “1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work”, Pamela wrote the book by spending over a year interviewinglaptop leaders around the U.S., synthesizing research and studies on 1-to-1, and documenting her experience running The Peck School’s laptop program. Previously, Pamela managed large scale computer network projects at corporations and law firms, and was a project leader and editor for two Ziff Davis computer magazines. She holds a B.S. in computer systems and an M.S. in education technology. A frequent presenter and keynote at national conferences such as NECC, Lausanne’s Laptop Institute, and South Dakota’s Laptop Conference, she also develops workshops, and provides advice for U.S. andinternational schools and districts. Pamela is senior product manager at an eLearning company in Pennsylvania. and is also an adjunct professor teaching distance learning courses she designed at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia.
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