Developing a one-to-one program typically requires more than a year of planning, a team of researchers from the school or district and several months of investigation.  This engagement is designed for the school that hopes to avoid the time-consuming uncertainty of a “trial & error” approach and is ready to launch themselves into a 21st Century classroom paradigm for the lowest overall investment and the least amount of risk.

Every school is unique and while they will need to address similar issues, they will do so in different ways.  Since approaches will differ, there can be no single “off the shelf” plan or recipe for implementation.

One-to-one initiatives are multi-faceted and represent a major change in the way a school operates.  Compartmentalizing the complexities into a framework of interrelated functional requirements will ensure the needs of every stakeholder are met.

At the core of the framework are the unique goals and objectives that must be carefully considered throughout the planning process.  This approach will ensure the program is grounded in the schools mission, thereby greatly improving adoption and Value On Investment (VOI).

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