Sky and grassOur Collaborators founded or currently lead many of the longest lasting one-to-one programs in the US.  They have navigated changes in the Microsoft ecosystem for decades and are excited about the amazing opportunities with Windows 10, Azure, Office 365 and other technologies.  Windows remains the most widely deployed technology platform.  One of the advantages of such a large deployment base is the myriad examples of integration of Windows technology across a wide range of pedagogies.  Educational Collaborators takes a data-driven approach to professional learning to find the best fit for your teachers and school culture.  Let our Collaborators help you be as creative, productive and effective as your imagination can take you.

ALERT: Free Microsoft in the Classroom sessions available!  Click here for details!

Let EC help you leverage the largest base of applications in the marketplace for creativity and productivity in the classroom.
The Windows platform was built for productivity.  Let EC help you convert that into effective school leadership.
Let EC’s experts in school technology deployments help your technology staff provide fluid support for your community.

See more details on our Microsoft related services in our searchable online catalog.

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Our Microsoft Services Team

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