Matt Harris

Dr. Matt Harris is the Head of Learning Resources at the German European School Singapore.  At GESS, Dr. Harris is responsible for creating coherent policy and strategy for the school’s tri curriculum program – preschool education, International Baccalaureate, and German public curriculum – while accounting for the needs of an expanding school population of 1500+ students situated across two campuses.  Currently, Dr. Harris is working with regional educators and senior officials at the IBO to expand the school’s Global School program, which uses asynchronous learning through online instruction and real time video conferencing to provide Diploma level A1 language curriculum for students across Asia.  Dr. Harris came to Singapore after working at two one-to-one laptop program schools in the United States.  At each of these schools, he served as the Director of Technology and technology teacher, managing both the school Informational Technology systems and their educational technology programs.  He wrote a comprehensive PK-8 technology curriculum and a 10 week induction course for teachers that focused on pedagogy and best practices for integrating ICT in a 1:1 laptop environment.
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