Lucie deLaBruere currently works as a Digital Age Learning Consultants and teaches educational technology related courses at the University of Vermont, St. Michael’s College, and Gradschool of Marlboro College.  She is the director of Google Tools For Schools and Mobile Tools for Schools. Her experience includes working in 1:1 schools with both laptops and tablets.  She has 27 years of experience as an educator in the areas of social studies education, business and computer education, Career and Technical Education, Tech Integration, professional development leader, and college instructor.  She has a B.A in Secondary Education and a Master of Science Degree in Internet Engineering.  She is a Google Certified Educator, Google Apps Certified Trainer, Oracle Internet Academy Certified Instructor, and Microsoft Office User Specialist.  Lucie has created of a series of projects including TechSavvy Girls, TechSavvy Kids, Teach Savvy Leaders,TechSavvy Learning Communities based around her passion for project based learning, student leadership, web 2.0, open-source, and digital equity. She and her students have been the recipient of several awards and have presented at local, national, and international conferences.

You can learn more about her from her website

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