Joe Morelock

Joe Morelock is the Director of Technology, Innovation, and Secondary Education for the Canby School District, serving approximately 5,000 K-12 students in Oregon. In his 20 years in education, his positions have included high school Spanish teacher, school librarian, assessment coordinator, and a varsity coach. Joe currently leads the district’s technology projects, including starting the Innovation Grant Program in 2008 which provides funding for teachers to use technology in innovative ways in their classrooms.
Joe is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and has developed and delivered mobile content and training on the use of the iPod and iPad across the United States and for Argentina’s Ministry of Education. Joe speaks to a variety of education, business, and government audiences in the areas of technology, leadership, and vision. He regularly consults with state departments of education, private foundations, and local school districts in the U.S. and Canada, and has presented to and worked with educators at conferences and events on three continents. Joe is currently implementing 1:1 iPad and iPod touch mobility programs for Canby students at multiple grade levels and authors both Canby’s iPod/iPad user group and innovation wiki.
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