Janel White-Taylor

Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) and MIE Trainer
Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight is a resourceful, innovative professional with over 20 years of experience in teaching and learning, strategic planning, and collaborative leadership. Currently serving as Executive Director of the Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium, Leigh Anne facilitates the collaborative efforts of 32 public school districts, more than 20 charter schools, private/parochial schools, four research universities, local community colleges and other universities, foundations, civic leaders, businesses, and two states’ departments of education to develop research efforts that will positively influence P20 education in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Having served as a teacher, building administrator, district curriculum director and an assistant superintendent, she brings experience working in three reputable school districts all of which encountered growth in enrollment, additions of new facilities, and changing student demographics during her time in each.  She has been recognized for exceptional skills in advancing technology efforts and engaging businesses, parents and other community partners in modern education initiatives. As a results-oriented initiator, she has proven comprehensive organizational and planning capabilities translating complex objectives into successful strategies and results. Dr. Knight holds graduate and advanced degrees in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Missouri, University of Missouri-Kansas City and University of Kansas. 
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