This Google Tools for Educators course guides participants through a rich experience using a variety of Google Tools. This 6–week, self­directed online experience is comprised of a variety of instructional and productivity ­focused activities and is designed to meet a variety of different skill levels. The course includes several synchronous opportunities, via Google Hangout to ask questions and discuss integration ideas. The course is great as a standalone experience and even better as a supplement to a Face­to­Face workshop.

In this course, Participants will…

  • Select five of the topics below as course activities, based on personal preference.
  • Develop personal productivity skills using Google Productivity Tools such as Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Blogger, Maps, and Google+.
  • Optimize their use of Google’s Instructional Tools such as Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Search, and YouTube.
  • Learn pedagogical instructional strategies for integrating Google Tools into their contemporary lesson design.
  • Create a capstone Google presentation for future reference, highlighting the projects completed.
The goal of this course is to provide a broad range of learning experiences to allow teachers to increase their personal productivity using Google Tools.

Module Options and Sample Projects:

  • Google Drive – Create and upload three documents to Google Drive and make a folder for them.
  • Google Chrome – Incorporate several time–saving features of Google Chrome or install three apps or extensions.
  • Gmail – Configure your Gmail to increase your productivity.
  • Google Calendar – Learn to optimize your personal or school Google calendar.
  • Blogger – Create a classroom or personal blog using Blogger.
  • Google+ – Expand your personal learning network using Google+.
  • Google Geo – Create a custom map or tour using Google Maps or Tour Builder.
  • Sheets – Work with Sheets to use formulas and make a chart.
  • Google Sites – Create a class or teacher web page adding at least one image or video.

  • Forms – Create a Google Form as a formative assessment tool.
  • Search – Learn best practices for searching the Internet and create a list of your favorite search tips.
  • YouTube – Create a YouTube Channel and upload an instructional video as part of a blended unit.
  • Docs – Learn to use the Research Tool functionality in Google Docs.
  • Groups – Set up a Google Group for the students in your class or the teachers in your department.
  • Drawings – Use the Drawing tools, create a graphic that could be used for mind mapping (a concept map) or something similar.
  • Google Classroom (optional) – Set up a class in Google Classroom, choose a design, create an assignment, and write a message in the stream.
  • Google Slides – Create a Google Slides presentation for your professional work or classes you teach.
  • Audience: K­20 educators, novice to advanced
  • Individual participant requirements: A Chromebook or laptop and Internet access, Chrome browser required for some components
  • Schedule: 6–week, self–directed online course with several optional, synchronous opportunities (facilitator–guided)
  • 2015 Start Dates: September 15, November 15
  • 2016 Start Dates: January 15, March 15, May 15, July 15
  • Cost: $250* per participant ­ GOOGGTFEOLF020
  • Registration: Click the date of the course for registration.

*School volume discounts available for 21 participants or more (call for details)

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