Classroom Support for Cloud Based One-to-One

The move to a web-based, collaborative learning platform creates new opportunities for anytime, anywhere learning and student-centric classroom innovation. Leveraging relevant experience, EC has developed a suite of PD services to assist schools in creating a culture of classroom integration.

Creating Collaborative Learning Environments with core Google Apps (Face-to-Face)

Facilitated by a Google Certified Teacher, this workshop will center on the core set of Google Apps for Education and how to use them for teaching and learning. The goal is to help your teachers create collaborative classrooms that integrate the use of various GAfE tools. Apps covered will include: Google Drive (Docs, Sheets & Slides), Calendar, Gmail, Chat and Sites. Districts may also choose a train-the trainer format. This approach typically takes two consecutive days to prepare a core team of teacher leaders, (i.e., media specialists, instructional tech specialists, tech coordinators) in assisting teachers in creating innovative curriculum with Google Apps for Education. Part Number: GOOGCCLEFTF01D

Google Apps Deeper Dive Curriculum Integration Workshops (Face-to-Face)

Curriculum Integration workshops focus on assisting teachers with developing techniques that work well with their specific curriculum, skill level, and teaching style. Participants will explore how to leverage Google Apps for collaboration and learn strategies for incorporating them into the curriculum. Participants will create materials to utilize in their classroom right away. Part Number: GOOGCURIFTF01D. Select topics can include:

  • Get Going with Google Drive
  • Collaboration Using Google Docs
  • Working with Google Presentations
  • Using Google Spreadsheets for Productivity and Learning
  • Creating a Collaborative Workspace with Google Sites
  • Getting the Most from Google Calendar and Gmail
  • Chrome Apps for Curriculum
  • Meeting Common Core State Standards Using Google Apps
  • Professional Learning Networks with Google Plus
  • Google+ in the Classroom
  • Flipping the Classroom with Google Apps
  • Using Google Earth and Google Maps in the Classroom
  • Intro to Blogging for Teaching and Learning with Blogger
  • YouTube for the Classroom

Google Tools for Educators eCourse (Online)

A Google Certified Trainer will facilitate a 6 week online course, guiding participants through various classroom examples and activities using media rich content, web based tutorials, and video learning libraries. Participants will learn the essentials of Chrome including how to install and manage web apps and extensions. They will develop several lessons on their own and explore how Google Tools can impact teaching and learning. Part Number: GOOGGTFEOLF020

“Just-In-Time” Remote Technology Integration Mentoring for Teachers (3 Hour Blocks)

A three-hour block of one-on-one classroom technology integration guidance from an expert skilled in your particular area of interest or concern. Time will be utilized in one hour increments. Support can be facilitated via phone, chat or video conference and enhanced with screen sharing capability where appropriate. Sessions can be recorded and archived for later reference. A discovery call will be conducted in advance to pair the teacher with the most appropriate Mentor. Multiple blocks may be purchased and combined to support groups of teachers or more complex, longer term support. Part Number: EDUCTMENREM03H

Experience to Help You Develop a Custom Approach

Every school is unique and One-to-One approaches are varied. Our Chrome One-to-One experts will work with your team to design a plan that leverages your existing resources and addresses both your unique needs and your budget.

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Google Apps for Education Professional Development Suite
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