Collaboration Using Google Docs: A explanation of Google Docs, discussion of how Google Docs supports 21st Century Learning, lesson plan examples, and free workbook assisting teachers with the integration of Google Docs into existing lesson plans.



1:1 with Interactive Whiteboards: How can we leverage interactive whiteboards to provide the best experience to students and their 1:1 devices? (SmartNotebook, ActivInspire, RM Easiteach, etc.)  for student workstations in 1:1 environments allowing for greater student interaction with the board.



CSI Tech: Customer Service in Technology:  Participants will review the basic principles of customer service, assess how their team is currently performing in those areas, develop own unique branding for its CSI tech team and develop a six month development plan with success defined. 



Fantasy Sports: Enrichment and Integration into the Curriculum: Participants will examine an analysis of fantasy sports and their place in curriculum and develop plans for fantasy sports in their classrooms. 

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