No technology initiative can be implemented and sustained without sound financial planning. Let’s face it.  Not many institutions have the cash on hand to buy every student a notebook computer, even with parental subsidy.  The right financing strategy can not only help fund initial purchases it can also reduce support costs by promoting standardization and simplifying asset management. Well planned technology refresh cycles, can also ensure students and teachers will always have current technology at the lowest total overall cost.

Educational Collaborators can work with schools to evaluate their community culture and financial position to determine which funding approaches/mechanisms will work best (parent owned programs, leases, purchases, insurance, and software management).  We can also help you write RFPs for financing if needed and help you analyze the responses.

Related Engagements

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Analysis

The TCO process analyzes your environment using industry leading tools to determine what factors drive costs for your district’s use of technology.  It considers costs of hardware, software, energy, storage, training, learning curve, cost of downtime as well as many other factors.  In includes on site analysis, financial review and the collection of survey data to determine the impact technology has on your productivity.


VOI (Value On Investment) Study

The VOI Study aligns your costs with your goals so the school or district can determine how much was spent on each goal.  Armed with this information, the organization can then determine how much value was gained from each dollar spent within each expense category.  In schools, we seek to determine the value our students and organization received from each expense.  The VOI Study helps school you understand the outputs and relative value for each input or budget expense.  In many instances this knowledge proves invaluable in building your case for budget increase requests or proposals for technology renewals or refresh.

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