Student information, learning resources, financials and human resource data… Which one of these keeps you up at night?   These and other enterprise information pools represent the life blood of any institution.  The platforms that manage it all are thus mission critical and must align with the operational needs of the school.

Schools change and technology advances and what may have met your enterprise requirements before may fall short today or in the foreseeable future.  Educational Collaborators can leverage a broad set of experiences to help a school evaluate its current use of various enterprise platforms and make recommendations for improving the way it utilizes current tools or for acquiring/implementing new tools to improve operations overall. Outcomes typically include an analysis of how the school presently uses various tools, what it ultimately desires to accomplish and opportunities that are made available if/when migrating to a new package. In addition, the custom reports can provide an in depth evaluation of the different packages available and examine their strengths and weaknesses always taking in to consideration the needs analysis and the Mission of the school.

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