Carol Anne McGuire

Carol Anne McGuire began teaching in 1989 teaching blind and visually impaired students.   These amazing students became award-winning national and international filmmakers (writing scripts in Braille, filming and editing their original films) and have advised the Departments of Education in Japan, Israel and Russia on education for special education.She organizes one of the world’s most dynamic international projects, Rock Our World.  Through ROW, students collaborate with others around the world to compose music, make movies, learn about core curriculum, and meet each other in face-to-face video conferences.  She has worked as Technology Integration Specialist, K-6 Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired, as well as a regular educate teacher.  She has collaborated with NASA, Apple, Discovery, Disney, Google and many celebrities (Will Smith, Stevie Wonder, and many more).  She keynotes all over the world on topics such as Global Collaboration, Digital Storytelling, Bringing Back Music in the Classroom, Podcasting: The Sound of Learning, Going Hollywood: Movie Making in the Classroom, Technology for the Non-Techy Teacher, and Accessibility- Technology for the Best Learning Environment for ALL Students.

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