Alex Inman is one of our founding collaborators. Alex launched one of the earliest laptop programs in the country at University Lake School in Hartland, WI. He has helped many schools design and refine their own laptop and tablet programs and in 2003 launched a laptop program with Linux and Open Source technology at Whitfield School in St. Louis, MO. His work has earned Whitfield School a place in IBM’s Top Innovators Program. Whitfield School was also named a 2006 Computer World Laureate for their innovative laptop program which was designed to claim the same benefits as traditional programs but for a significantly lower cost. In 2011, Alex began as the Director of Information Services at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC where he oversees all IT, Academic Technology and Library operations.  Alex has spoken at many international, national, and regional conferences and has facilitated workshops on general technology planning, laptop program planning, professional development and open source technologies. In 2012, The National School Board Association named Alex one of the “20 to Watch” on their annual list of national education leaders.
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