Educational Collaborators is a national consulting organization comprised of many of the best practitioners in the field of education. Our collaborators are highly sought for their expertise and experience and lead some of the strongest technology programs in the country. Unlike most consultants who rarely see their ideas beyond the planning stages, our collaborators work in schools today and see their ideas through to their fullest extent. As a result, they see the unanticipated and have daily experience working through the associated challenges. They are uniquely qualified to collaborate with school leaders to help them develop plans & programs that prepare students for the 21st Century.

Engaging current educators allows us to deliver the most relevant skills available. In addition, our portal based approach to consulting means multiple perspectives are considered to provide input into your project. Our innovative model enables us to cost effectively deliver true “Best Practice” recommendations to our clients.

See the difference it makes when your consultants are as passionate about education as you are.

About Our Team

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