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The Microsoft Education Exchange (E2): A life-changing professional development experience

Being a part of the Microsoft Educator Community has also been wonderful experience, opening professional development and professional relationships throughout the country.  I have been able to learn so much throughout this experience and incorporate it into my classroom and help other educators incorporate it in their classrooms as well.  I highly encourage all educators to actively participate in the Microsoft Educator Community.

Being selected to attend E2 was a life-changing experience.  I know it sounds quite cliché, but it is quite true.   First, finding out that I was one of eighteen selected to attend from the United Stated of America was life changing.  I was honored, excited and nervous.  I had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me.  Then they ask me to speak about my experience…what!

The overall experience was amazing!  We worked with fellow MIE Experts from around the world on a challenge.  I was able to gain insight from my team members from France, Chili, Spain, China.  When could I have ever been able to collaborate with a group like that?

Next, we were able to attend breakout session to further our professional development in specific areas, such as 21CLD, Minecraft, Make code, certifications, and much more.  Then on to the Learning Market Place where we were able to see how fellow MIE Experts are combining content and Microsoft Technologies in their classrooms.  So many educators are doing so many inspiring activities in their classrooms.

The Microsoft Education Exchange is a life changing experience.  Being able to interact with educators from around the world was invigorating.  I encourage all educators to get actively involved and in the Microsoft Educator Community and apply to become a MIE Expert.





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