Strategic Planning

Education and Technology initiatives can be expensive and difficult. Successful programs include good planning and assessment. EC’s experience can help you reduce costs and increase success.

Technology Integration

Technology grew organically in most of our schools. How do you get all of this stuff to work harmoniously together? EC can help identify and implement strategies to get your people and technology to work together.

Professional Development

We take a data driven approach to PD aiming to build your internal PD capacity. We bring you working educators to deliver the content your community needs in the way your community needs it.

Custom Design

Every school is unique. You deserve more than canned workshops. We take the time to listen to your needs, match you with the right educator and customize a solution for you.

Real Educators

85% of our consultants and trainers are full-time educators.  100% are rock stars! They are just as committed to the students as you are.  Bring that passion to your project!

Change Management

The hardest part about a big technology project is not the technology.  Our proven method helps schools increase buy-in, move in the same direction and have data to show for it.

Pedagogically Driven

Yes, we can help you use your technology.  However, we embed technology tool training in a rich pedagogical context appropriate to the philosophy of your school.


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Get In Touch

I have found Educational Collaborators to be world class in many ways. Their representation of Google's technology and their service and support of products to our mutual customer base has always been courteous and above all, professional in every respect.

Kevin Hodges

- Midwest Sales Manager of Google
I always state that one of the best things I love about EC is that they customize training to accommodate the customers goal and customize down to the proficiency level of each teacher. This is  high value add for my customers

Henry Veloza

- Account Executive of Lenovo
Educational Collaborators has helped transform our teaching and learning at our school.  They put a comprehensive plan together to help meet our educational goals.  Every Educational Collaborator team member assigned to our school is a guru in their field

Amy Krause

- Technology Coordinator of Pontiac Township High School
Working with Educational Collaborators has been a tremendously valuable experience for our school district. As part of a comprehensive school technology needs assessment, EC spoke with every member of our Educational Technology department and district leadership team to gain a deep understanding of our current operations. Utilizing that information along with our vision for digital learning, EC was able to provide our team a comprehensive plan tailored to our goals and resources designed to maximize effectiveness. We recommend their services to any school district looking to shift from a print to digital environment.

Dr. Judy Wiegand

- Superintendent of Champaign Unit #4 School District
Educational Collaborators is more than just a consulting firm. It is a community of high caliber educators with deep experience who deliver customized work. I know that I can call upon my fellow collaborators to help creatively and efficiently tackle any challenge. EC is a full-service consulting group that can address the complex needs of schools and I thoroughly enjoy working my colleagues at EC because they truly understand schools and seek to find the best  personalized solutions for clients

Lucy Gray

- Senior Collaborator and Founder of Global Education Conference
Through my experiences as a consultant with Educational Collaborators, I am able to work with amazing educators, administrators, and technology leaders around the world. Knowing that I am able to provide training and guidance that potentially impacts teaching and learning for so many teachers and students is an incredibly rewarding experience!

Julene Reed

- Senior Collaborator with Educational Collaborators and Director of Academic Technology of St. George’s School
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